Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mike er... Roy

Friday Comic Book Day.

Yesterday I told you about Mike Roy's varied career in comics. He started out early in the forties, working for several companies, including True Comics for Parents Magazine. In the late forties he started the Saint newspaper strip, which I will show as soon as I have a complete story scanned. I have a lot of Sundays from this period, so that'll be a treat. After he left the Saint in th early fifties for whatever reason (the strip itself ran quite succesfully for ten more years), he worked for several companies. Here I have him doing work for Eastern's Buster Crabbe Comics following in the footsteps of Alex Toth, who was just then finding his strength as an artist. After this, Toth went to Standard, where he was inked by Mike Peppe. After Standard folded, Peppe turns up inking Mike Roy on Tormented and lots of other stories. Roy sure knew how to pick them. But not with the romance stories from Personal Love, which look a bit slapdash, copared to the stories surrounding it. . We close with an oddity, Mike Roy doing the funny for DC's Jackie Gleason comics. He did this in the funny DCC house style, but added his own whacky touch.