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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Nothing But Trouble

Wednesday Advertising Day.

These were always done together, so I joined them here as well.

Rustu and Dusty seems to have been drawn by Elmer Wexler, whose earlier (and remarkable) newspaper strip work om Vic Jordan was shown here on several occasions. He joined Johnstone and Cushing in the forties and for the rest of his career as comic strip artist he only drew ads. In the article about that company in Hogan's Alley Rusty and Dusty were included in his portfolio. At any rate, the whole of this long running series were drawn by the same artist in this style.

The same can not be said for the second strip. Although The Trouble Twins are most famous for being the advertising work that got Dik Browne his job in Hi and Lois, by the time this sample appeared, he was already gone. Although he did do some advertising in the following years, they were more in his later style (samples can be seen under the Camel tag). Superficially similar to Browne's twins, these seem to me to have been drawn by Bill Williams.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Clowns Of War

Friday Potluck.

Today, from my new scanner, I updated a single Sunday page of the rare war strip Vic Jordan by Elmer Wexler to a larger post I have done about this remarkably adult strip a couple of months ago. For that post I was relying on a run of newspaper microfiche scans of PM Newspaper, that were pretty good as far as those things of. But for the Sunday page it is always a compromise. So I was very glad to get this one sample of a colour Sunday. As an added bonus, it immediately follows after the month of dailies and black and white Sundays I have posted before that and it features a group of heroes saving some people from a German concentration camp dressed as clowns!. Not only is the story pretty weird, as I said at the time, it confirms for those who didn't know that the word 'concentration camp' was already knows even before America joined the war. We just didn't know yet what it actually meant. Here is the new Sunday with the preceding week of dailies. For more follow the label.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Brave New Boys

Friday Comic Book Day.

Scouts in Action was one of the most interesting features from the Boy's Life comic section that was made once a month by comics advertising agency Johnstone and Cushing. It was signed by Al stenzel, who was more of a packager than an artist and through the years we see several artists at work. In most of the Johnstone and Cushing features we can see who contributed the art, because it was either signed or one of their company regulars. Stenzel seems to have used some of the same talent pool, but at other times the actual artist involved remains a mystery. In the first one (and maybe a couple more after that) I think we may be looking at the work of Alex Kotzky and later in the sixties the hand of Irv Novick is pretty clear. In between the artists involved may be Elmer Wexler and possibly even Tom Schreuer or Neal Adams. All worked in a similar style for a short period in the late fifties. And there may be others, I don't know where Stenzel got his artists...

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