Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marvelous Reprints

Lumped In

Tuesday strip day.

One of the first strips I featured was Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo's Willie Lumpkin. Fellow fan Angelo sent me a bunch of scans from Willie Lumpkin strips that were colored and republished in Marvel Age, the advertising/publicity magazine Marvel published in the late eighties. I tried to make out the strip dates to order them chronologically.

The first one was probably published in Marvel Age #54 and was accompanied by this little write-up by Stan the Man himself.

Last time I lookedthere was a huge storyline in the current Marvel Universe about Skrulls taking over all sorts of heroes. I wonder if ols Willie is going to feature in that...

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Mark Taylor said...

Ger, I posted your Willie Lumpkin scans over at ilovecomixarchive.com
I also posted the first and last strip that I could find via ProQuest. I can give you access to ProQuest but will need your e-mail address to send it privately.