Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ask me anything.

Sunday leftover day.

Now that I know I am doing leftovers in the weekend as well as correcting everything that went wrong during the week, I have started putting things aside that come up during scanning or seem too much out of the scope of a post to be included on the day itself. Here's what I came across this week.

When I was scanning the Mort Walker cartoons for Monday I stumbled on this rare Charles Schulz cartoon from early 1951. There is a great looking book with all of Schulz's early cartoons featuring kids he before he started Peanuts by Derrick Bang (published by the Schulz Museum). This one seems to be from the same run (the early 1951 date makes it possible that it was done before Peanuts started), but it doesn't feature kids. I don't know if it is included in the book (which you can read more about at since I still haven't ordered it. But my guess is it isn't, so I am including it here.

This weeks ad space was devoted to the illusive Betts, but I did find and scan another twin kids ad from the early fifties, probably by Dik Browne.

I jumped the gun on Howard Post, so I couldn't yet show any of his work on Drop-Outs. Fortunately the heritage Archives has two originals, which I am glad the share with you.

Finally, I mentioned Wilbert Plijnaar (who alerted me to the Post entry on John Kricfalusi's blog). He asked for more Bud Blake, so here we have an ad from 1961, which I am pretty sure is his work. This is three years before he started Tiger. I am a sucker for requests, so keep 'm coming.

Finally I want to draw your attention to the poll I have started. It is just a bit of fun, but who knows - maybe I'll be influenced by it. It's a list of stuff I have featured up till now and have loads and loads more of. I want this blog to be an oilspill that slowly grows to cover all of my interests, so I have many things to come you have probably never even seen or heard off. But it takes time to scan it all in and when I introduce soimething new, I want to cover it as good as I can. Still, the Howard Post post triggered a lot of new visitors and got the largest amount of page downloads in the history of this blog. So clearly many of you are here to be surprised. I want to make it a mix of surprises and more (rare samples) of the same. You can tick more than one box, so just tell me which features you want me to expand... I might even listen to your opinion.

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joecab said...

Grease on a burn. Gotta love the '50s!