Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Walker Special

Friday comic day.

Tomorrow I have a very special comic book story for you. But I am feeling a bit restless tonight, so I am adding a bonus story to tide you over. This is the first story in Four Color #469 from 1953. As far as I can see it's the first Beetle Bailey comic. Some of the licenced books in this Dell series were produced at the Western ofices without any influence from the original creator. These books were clearly done by Mort Walker himself. I don't know how much of the writing and drawing he did himself, but judging from the art he either had an assistant who could mimic his style very well or he did have a hand in it.


Steven Rowe said...

Yes, the Mort Walker studio handled most (all?) of the Beetle Bailey comic books. artists include

Fred Rhoades 54-55
Tony DiPreta 57-59
bob Gustafason 59-67

and of course Mort did some of the comic books as well.

rodineisilveira said...

Ger Apeldoorn,

Seeing the Mort Walker's design from Beetle Bailey on the early 50s, you can notice how Killer Diller looked like the Tex Avery's Wolfie.