Friday, June 13, 2008

Scraping the sky.

Friday comic book day

As promised here is another Barker story, this time featuring The Human Fly. No connection to Spiderman this time, but I did find it appropriate after last weeks Birdman. This probably isn't the first time a hero or villain with a bug connection was used, but with it's circus setting it certainly feels right. Human Flies were climbing the skyscrapers of New York in the thirties (and maybe even twenties) and appearing in films and cartoons of that period as well.

The splash is another great Nordling piece. And look at the first panel of the second page. Like Jack Cole, Nordling liked to fill every inch of his panels with action. He used all sorts of tricks to make the panels flown into each other, but always as a means to tell the story. Here the overflowing first panel is used to emphasize the open back of a truck feeling of the panel itself. very clever stuff.

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