Friday, July 04, 2008

Jack Cole Week.

Friday Comic Book Day.

Well, the votes are in. I was going to do another Mr. Midnight story, but the horror fans made it clear that yesterday's post was by far the most popular of the week. So tiday I am going to do the other story from Web of Evil #9. This probably has the best splash page Jack Cole did in his whole ten issue run of Web of Evil stories.

Enjoy and I will keep the Mr. Midnight story for later. I'll be back in two weeks. Don't forget that this month's Previews has the advance ad for Al Jaffee's Tall Tales and keep a look-out for Bill schelly's Joe Kubert biography, Checker's Complete Beetle Bailey (which should be out by now)and Hermes Press' retrospective of Will Eisner's PS and his other work for the military. When I am back, I will be giving you more stuff that has not made it into these books.


Chuck Wells said...
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Chuck Wells said...

Ahhhhh! This is a beautiful story that you've posted here, Ger.

Thank the maker that you've got your ear tuned to your readers.

Mr. Karswell said...

A typical sold your soul type story made phenomenal by Cole's intense sense of energy and urgency on practically every page. The splash really is a crowning achievement, a gorgeous composition that really grabs you from the get go. I feel bad for the suicidal "hero" of our story who never seems to get a break even when on top of the world, and in light of the real life suicide of Cole, here life imitates art.

Germund said...

Sorry for the unrelated post! What issues of Raggedy Ann/Kelly are you missing? Drop me a mail at
germund_vw @

Roger Langridge said...

Hi Ger, thanks for the comment you left at my blog. Please drop me a line at to work something out! And THANK YOU for the Jack Cole!