Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bless Jeanie

Thursday story day.

For some reason this weeks installment of my representation of Fox's Jeanie originals is not as complete as the others. In the second half, I am missing a couple of dailies. After that it will pick up for a while, though.

For those of you who have rved about Fox's Bless, the Mayopr over at John Kricfalusi's blog, I have pulled another sample from Allan Holts' presentation over at the Stripper's Guide a year ago. There were eleven of these and as I have said, I think it is too bad Allan didn't just show them all. If the person who bought the whole run of Family Comics from Allan isn reading this, maybe we can arrange something.

As far as I can see, Fox is going for a All Jaffee/Arnold Roth look here. If you really like this style, you should have a look at my post about Al Jaffee somewhere below. You should also get the new Tall Tales collection and while you're at it, why not order the Complete Humbug as well? This reprints the whole run of Harvey Kurtzman and Arnold Roth's (who turned out to be a co-financier) satirical magazine Humbug. Humbug was small and cheap and a reaction to the overpriced Trump... but it also contained some of the best art by Bill Elder, Arbold Roth, Blechman, Jack Davis and a host of others ever did. The reprinting has been shot from the original material(at a larger printing size than the original magazines, which were tiny) and probably has some sort of notes by Denis Kitchen as well as a new slipcover by Al Jaffee. It also has some pretty sharp satire. The 'reverse movie cliche's' is a sharp a movie satire piece as I have ever read anywhere.

As for Arnold Roth, I have quite a few samples of his sunday gag feature Poor Arnold's Almenac. But all of these have been reprinted by Fantagrphics a couple of years ago, so I am assuming anyone interested in them will have gotten a copy by now. My samples are in coloor, of course, althoughh they are not in the best printed color... I actually prefer the black and white version. I may get around to them when I get around to doing a pece about arnold Roth's early years... but if anyone is interested, please ask.

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