Sunday, August 31, 2008

Return visit.

Sunday leftover day.

Oiginally, I had placed a sketch here, whih I believd was by Hank Ketcham. Turns out I had already used that sketch before and erroneously uploaded a sketch by Cral Barks, I had also on file. I have removed the Barks sketch an d to make up for it, I have added two more Kurtzman pieces... the first is a christmas card Kurtzman did when he was partnered with Bill Elder and John Severin.

The second is a cover by Kurtzman, I saw for sale in 1993 for $800 and didn't buy...


Mr. Artmonkeys said...

Ger Apeldoorn --

Thanks for this great blog! I owe a lot of my cartoon foundation to these artists you're showcasing. Fun to see some of these again, and many for the first time! I knew about Bud Blake, Hank Ketcham, Johnny Hart, Mort Walker, Dik Browne, Harvey Kurtzman, Howie Schneider -- but not for everything else they did! And Gill Fox is a revelation.

If you're interested, take a look at my humble efforts -- -- they're panels I did about the comic book industry, originally created as a soapbox for my boss at Crossgen, but which I nicked back from him to run my own ideas. It ran in a small paper Comics Shop News from 2000-2003. You'll definitely spot my influences from Segar, Chic Young, Gil Kane and, of course, Jack Kirby.

BTW -- Ik ben een Amerikaan. Ik leefde in Nederland vanaf 1978 tot 1980. Ik leerde om het Nederlands als jongen te spreken. Ik leefde in leusden-Zuid dichtbij Utrecht. (But my Dutch is atrocious.) The thing I loved about being there were seeing comics books of Lucky Luke, Asterix, les Schtroumpfs AKA de Smurfen, and all those cartoonists. Great cartoonists!

Do you collect work by overseas artists like Cavazzano or Jiipes? That might be new to other blog readers, and certainly as lively.

Bravo and encore! I'd be interested in keeping in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn or via coroflot!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have seen your name before, Dave and can't remember where. I googled for a bit an finally decided that it must have been as a letterer or in the Crossgen books. I liked the cartoons on show at the link you gave. I am more than just the 'carrtoon guy' I seem to be from this blog. I intend to slowly expand my blog to include all my interests, which included realistic artists from the fifties as well as cartoonists. Apart from that, I have been reading comics since before your were living in the Netherlands, so my interests include Dutch and French comics as well. Jusging from your drawing style, I think you will love many Dutch artists, such as Elsje's Gerben Valkema, who works in a studio with Daan Jippes a couple of days every week. I want to showcase the many talents of Daan Jippes as soon as my Gill Fox stuff runs out. Jippes is a stylistic chameleon just like Fox and I wil try to get samples of his work imitating Uderzo, Mort Drucker, Walt Kelly, Carl Barks, Floyd Gotfredson and André Franquin. I would also like to show some of Luc Cromheecke's silent gag work on Plunk.

Good to see you lived in Holland Two years ago I interviewd ex Cheers writer Rob Long, who surprised me by telling that he had lived in Holland as well. He had fond memories of dutch television, which I work in at the moment. Let's see... 1978/80... that is earlyy enough for you to have seen either my translation work for American comics. Sadly, you were too early for my earliest television work.

Joakim Gunnarsson said...

I could have sworn this was a late 30's Carl Barks sketch.
Sure it's Ketcham?

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Joachim... that's would explain why it's so small... I downloaded a hole lot of Barks sketches (along with some synopsi I ound at an aucion). I must have msitaken itm for a Ketcham sketch I have already shown...