Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Everything for the head.

Wednesday Advertising Strip Day

Today three more advrtisement strips, ranging from the well executed to interesting for television fanatics.

The first ad is from November 9 1951 and is yet another sample of a realistic ad in what would later in the fifties became known as the 'asdvertising style'. I don't think there were a lot of artists working in this style this early in the fifties, among them later Rip Kirby artist John Prentice and soon to be Twin Earths artist (and later assistent to almost everyone working in this style) Alden McWilliams. But they certainly weren't the only ones.

This wildroot ad is interesting because it features to styles and two strips. Neither involving Fearless Fosdick, who was often used as the WEildroot spokesman. Apparently this company liked using cartoons for their ads. The second, realistic strip is one in a long lst of advertising strip detectives... a subject someone should do an article about for Hogan's Alley.

The last ad is another Lucille Ball ad for Philip Morris. I showed you another one earlier (use the tag to find it) and noted there that the Philip Morris people were very early with the accompyaning newspaper ads. This sample is from September 9, when the television series had only just started. Ricky looks more like a Cuban character here than in the other sample, but if you didn't know you wouldn't guess.

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