Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun and Elephants

Friday Comic Book Day.

Today a couple more pieces by Irv Spector, which were sent to me by his son. The first is a cover and two pages from 3d Features Jet Pup. I don'[t know if there are any more pages bu Spector in this book, but I don't think they were drawn aspecially for 3d. The figure on the right on the cover is his, surely. The others could be by another artist.

This Spenser Spook cover is from Giggle #97, which makes me curious about Giggle #98:

And finally, like last week, I want to end this with some work by Walt Kelly. Several people have noted the resemblence between Spector's work at this time and that of Kelly. Next week I want to try and show some of Howie Post's stuff, another artist who waas influenced by Kelly in some phases of his career. As you can see, Kelly's own comic book work was a lot less polished than his work on Pogo. But it also gave him more room to created stroyboard-like sequences full of action. THis rarely seen sample is from Animal Comics #22, which makes it from before Pogo's succes as a newspaper strip.


p spector said...

You might notice the distinct similarity between the basketball players in this story and the Little Lionel basketball players you posted a few weeks back. You are correct that the story doesn't seem like it was drawn for 3D, but the rest of the comic does. There is another two-pager -- which ends just as abrubtly as this one -- titled "Wet Willie in 3-D Treatment." IN that, Wet Willie (how'd that name slip by the censors?) actually goes to a 3D movie and then wears the glasses out into the real world. Another story looks like it might have been done by him. The artwork is so atypical in all these that I usually look for other tell-tale signs, such as dialogue style, perspective angles and even the way the type looks on the hand lettered "The End."

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