Sunday, September 07, 2008

More Spector Speculation

Sunday Leftover Day

I am still trying to get a handle on Irving Spector's career as a cartoonist. I know he worked at Timely in 1945, one source has him working as an edior at Gleason in 1947. In the early fifties he turns up at Standard, doing Mugsy Cat and Lucky Duck and at ACG doing all sorts of stuff and he starts his four year run on Coogy in the New York Herald Tribune.

So I went to, subscribed and downloaded as many as I could find of the relevant titles. I know nothing about these companies, but I have learned to recognize Spector's work in the early fifties (my faux pas on the Eisenberg mix-up aside, but that was ten years earlier). I think I came across two more Spector efforts. From Scott Shaw I gathered Spector worked for ACG's Teepee Tom, so I downloaded the two issues they had... and was surprised to find both have a possible Spector cover and one possible story. Here are the cover and story for Teepee Tom #101.

The cover is clearly by Spector to my eyes. The angular design and the hastily drawn landscape in the background give him away. The story is less clearly Spector's work. In Coogy he showed some affinity to stories about indians, but I am not quite sure if these stories were written by the artist. There is a signed Teepee Tom story later in the book by a different artist, called Lynn Karp. That is in a different style.

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

Mike Kazeleh mailed me and toild me he agrees the cover could be by Spector, but the inside art is probably by some other West Coast animator. I never knew there were so many talented artists involved in these books.