Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spooks- the Spencer Years

Sunday leftover day.

Yesterday Steven informed me that the later issues of Giggle all contained reprints with only new material by Irv Spector and Ken Hulltgren, with Spector providing most of the covers. Well, I had another look at the two issues of Giggle/Spencer Spook available on (#100 and #101) and this is what I found.

Spencer Spook #100 has no Spector Cover (nor does it seem to be by Hultgren or a reprint) and no Spector stories on the inside.

Spencer Spook #101 seems to have a Spector cover and one Spencer Spook story. Here they are.


p spector said...

Probably it is just a typo at the end of your post, but as far as I know there were only two Spencer Spooks titles, #100 and 101 -- no #102. The issue you show is in fact #101 (with his cover and story).

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I followed the credits from goldenagecomics, but you are right. I woulod have known if I had checked the covers.