Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mad Man

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Just like last week I am showing you a couple of Harvey Kurtzman's pages from the 1959 Madison Avenue Magazine..

May 1959:

June 1959:

July 1959:


ComiCrazys said...

WOW!!! More amazing lost treasures. Where the hell can this magazine be dug up? Thanks, Ger. Please tell me there's more. Also, I am interested in the CD, send me details, please.

Vince M said...

When I see these wonderful solo pieces from Harvey I almost wish he didn't get so deeply into Annie Fanny for so many years. I love his collaborations with Will Elder, but I feel like he lost his artistic voice in his partnership with Hugh Hefner.

Thank you for these brilliant, long-lost treasures, Ger.