Thursday, October 30, 2008


Tuesday Early Leftovers.

End of the day and I haven't gotten around to scanning my last few Leon Winick Jeanie Sundyas. So I guess I'll have to look around for some bits and pieces and do the Jeanies this weekend.

Here's an original 5 have been waiting to show for some time. This is one of the other Sunday strips that were made especially for the New York Star. The same paper that had Gill Fox's Bumper To Bumper as an occasional filler. This strip by the not too exiting cartoonist Henri Arnold is a sort of Beetle Bailey imitation, but the humor is very different and the style is similar but not close. This strip ran for a very long time, but probably not as long as `bumper to Bumper. I have many more, which I can show if there is anyone interested. For me, it is more of a time-piece, illustrating how every cartoonist tried to get a strip going in the fifties.

Next up is a gag page by Gill Fox. The style seems to be clearly fifties, about the time he did all that work for Johnstone and Cushing. But it doesn't seem to be an advertising job. So what was it? A special strip for a pharmacist magazine?

Tomorrow I'll have more by Howie Post. Here is a Lyndon Johnson caricature I found on the internet.

Finally, for all the Blondie fans out there, here is a Blondie gag from Jan 20 1952. Compare it to the Fireball Twigg ad I showed yesterday, if you like. As long as you are looking at yesterday's post, I also added one more comic book ad, I forgot to post yesterday. One that seems to be by Greig Flessel.

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