Saturday, November 01, 2008

Goin Out Where The Voters Are

Satuday Backlog Day.

Here are the two Leon Winik Jeanie Sundays I should have uploaded Thursday.

The second panel in this strip shows why Winik was nor as good an artist as Fox. Why is the face of the guy blacked out? Where to focus in this panel. And in the first panel the grain on the beam's wood just attracts attention instead of framing the picture, as it would in Fox' work. From May 10 1953:

From May 17 1953:


Gabriel said...

Color is mind-boggling! Do you know who's the person responsible of it?
I'd like post this in my blog and coment a little the color of the strip.

Thanks in advance, Mr.Apeldoorn-

Ger Apeldoorn said...

The color is slightly influenced by my process of turning a full color scan into something represenatble here. But that usually just affects the hues, not the choice of coloring. TUnfortyunately, after almost sixty years the sunday pages have lost some of there brightness adn the paper has browned. Removing the brow leaves me with the slightly less vibrant colors.he greyish blue probably was a bit more blue and the green a bit greener.

Ramon Schenk said...

Only yesterday I was leafing through an old comic book which contained several Winik-pencilled stories, inked by Ray Osrin.
What a coincidence!