Friday, November 14, 2008

Have You No Shane?

Friday Comic Book Day

Today I am helped by the wonderful Shane Glines, whose cartoon Retro site used to be all the rage among Dutch artists a couple of years ago. It may still be, but when Shane started his site of beautiful comicy art from all the ages, the whole idea of sharing stuff like that on the web was still new and surprising. Now everyone seems to be doing it, including me. I am proud to have Shane among my visitors and he sent me his scans of Irv Spector's Muggy-Doo #12, which includes two Irv Spector drawn Muggy Doo stories as well as a beautiful cover. This is the Spector I like best - loose, but not to loose, beautifully designed stories and a very lively brush style. I don't think #12 actually is a #12, but some sort of reprint from the early sixties. The cover image is taken from the actual Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat #4 cover and so may the contents.


p spector said...

Thanks Shane and Ger. You're correct, Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat showed up in two super reprints 10 years later, in 1963 and '64. Muggy was a Hal Seegar creation. Interestingly, Seegar produced a Saturday morning cartoon show around the time of the reprints, called The Milton the Monster Show, in which Muggy and another character from the original comic were secondary characters. The show was very good by the standards of the era, with some top animation cartoonist talent working on it (my father wasn't involved.)

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I have another story from Shane, with the Osh character I like so much. I will write more about these next week. It seems Muggy-Doo, Boy Cat was changed into Muggy-Doo, Boy Fox in the television cartoon version. For those interested, there is at least one of the cartoons on view at youtube.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

And if I may call your attention to the color quality of Shane's scans.. it's something I am still struggling with.