Friday, December 19, 2008

Stanley, I presume

Friday Comic Book Day.

John Stanley is all over the internet. His fans have found and shared his work everywhere. Here's my contribution, which I found in the last issue of Raggedy Ann and Andy (which I got for the Walt Kelly material). Apparently Stanley did a couple of stories like this for the later issues. It is quite fast and careless, but also a good exmple of Stanley's early looser work.

Dutch Cartoonist Evert Gerards has asked me to change the background of this blog to something lighter and easier to read. Since I guess he is a big Stanley fan, I am obliging him until more people ask me to change it back.

Peterkin Pottle from Raggedy Ann and Andy:

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James Robert Smith said...

I was not aware of this Stanley work. Now I'll have to search for copies.