Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Weight Of The World

Monday Cartoon Day.

More Sickles Cartoons from 1936, including several on the Edward and Mrs. Simpson affaire. King Edward of the United Kindom finally lost his throne by marrying the divorcee Mrs. simpson. Why all these old political cartoons? Well, it'n not or their subject, but just look at the way that vase is drawn in Mrs. Simpson's boudoir or the staging of the last cartoon. Sickles started doing these cartoons in late November and it only took him a couple of days to find his bearings.

Nov 21 1936:

Nov 23 1936

NOv 25 1936:

Dec 1 1936:

Dec 4 1936:

Dec 7 1936:

Dec 8 1936:

Dec 9 1936:

Dec 10 1936:

The next one is probably a fill-in by another artist, dec 11 1936:

Another fill-in, this time signed, Dec 12 1936:

Dec 14 1936:

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