Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gus for Gus' Sake

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have already shown some of Gus Arriola's gorgeous Gordo Sundays, along with some of the equally impressive dailies from 1951. Here is another batch of both.

Oct 19 1958:

Jan 25 1959:

Feb 22 1959:

March 15 1959:

June 7 1959:

April 24 1960:

Nov 1/12 1951:

Dec 4/31 1951:

Jan 1/4 1951:


Unknown said...

Serendipitously the creators of the Baldo comic strip also honored Gus today.

Denis Goulet said...

Thank you for posting these, I didn't know this artist. The ones in colour are fabulous. Sort of a mix between Walt Kelly and Hank Ketcham.

Ger Apeldoorn said...


As far as I now, Arriola was indeed trained at Disney around the same time as Kelly and Ketcham (and Partch and Shaw and Moores, etc..)