Friday, June 18, 2010

You Can Call Me Betty

Friday Comic Book Day.

This week news broke that artist Al Williamson had died. To some he is best known for his EC and Creepy work. To others, he will be the best Flash Gordon and Star Wars artist. Still others will remember him for his long stint on Secret Agent X9, but to me he will always be the man who revitalized 1980's inking styles with the introduction of hundreds of new inking ideas when he joined Marvel as the inker on Dardevil and other popular titles. Whe he did with crosshatching and vertical lines and other surface defining tricks influenced more people than now is commonly acknowledged. His love of a good surface and knowledge of different ways to depict reality was unsorpassed, even i his old days, when his strips were always a showcase of possibillities.

Such as in these two older tales, predating even his EC work.

Forbidden Worlds #3:

Forbidden Worlds #5

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