Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sunday Meskin Measures.

Crimeville as a concept had been done a lot better by Will Eisner, the Rainbow Man was no match for Simon and Kirby's Crazy Quilt and seems to have no reason for conducting his cimes by color. Furthermore, for a color motivated story this is pretty dull looking stuff and leaving four big track switches out in the open seems like a pretty stupid trap for a villian, even if you believe in the whole idea of trapping your opponent for a violent death rather than administering it yourself. And Charley Paris is back to this unimpressive light inking style. All in all not one of the storie that made Meskin's reputation, but still. It's all part of the whole thing that makes Mort Meskin the great artist that he is...

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Daniel [] said...

Hey, the story has an autogyro. Gotta give it props for that, at least!