Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Little Abnormal

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Todays Vigilante (from Action Comics #57) is not inked by George Roussos and it shows. In return we get a early Little Abner parody, that is quite amusing. I hope you have all bought From Shadow To Light, the Mort Meskin book by Steven Brower and Mort Meskin's sons. Not only does the text tell you a lot about Mort you didn't know, the beautifully designed package (Brower is a designer by trade and it shows) uses lots and lot of never before published material, including sketches, Mort's later advertising work, private art and even a terrific unpublished action story from the early fifties. Get it on Amazon or anywhere you can. It comes highly recommended.

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Smurfswacker said...

Charley = Charles Paris, perhaps?

It gets me how Golden Age DC bad guys always spoke in "dem dose dese". Unless they were a suave chief villain who spoke in Vincent Price.