Monday, November 22, 2010

When Gay Was Still Gay

Monday Cartoon Day.

Last week I showed the first two months of Milt Caniff's 1930's cartoon Colonel Gilfeather. I als have the next few months to show, but decide to first show you where the cartoon was a year later (when Milt Caniff was ready to leave it). By that time Colonel Gilfeather had changed his name to Mr. Gilfeather and in the summer Caniff tried a news approach, by having Gilfeather think back to his happy childhood... thus changing the cartoon is a much more gentle, H. T. Webster typeof series called The Gay Thirties. Compare to last weeks samplings to see how much Caniff's style had grown in just a year. And is it me, or do I see some evidence of a fondness for the use of dark shadows before Noel Sickles came unto the scene...?

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