Friday, December 10, 2010

An Unusual Idiot

Saturday Leftover Day.

Here are some odds and ends I have from Jack Mendelsohn's delightfull Jacky's Diaries.The first few episodes, some color scans from 1960, a contest and what seems to be the last month (although I have to check a bit further). Wouldn't this make a great Craig Yoe book? There are at least 120 Sundays and a whole Dell comic book version. If you follow th tag, you'll find that and more scans from 1959. I also hae some of Mendelsohn surprisingly Mad-like early work from the forties.


ethan young said...

He casts a long shadow! Lynda Berry! Randall Enos!

Searching said...

Wanted to mention (though you probably already know this yourself) that there are Jackys Diary strips in the Google Newspaper Archive's digitized Milwaukee Sentinel
(still available as of now -- July 2011 --
though Google's abandoning plans to scan more into the archive makes me nervous about their retaining what's already there).

Gaps abound and one needs patience both in navigating the archive and hunting through the individual papers for the comics sections even
to get what's available, but there are dozens of examples to be seen.

For instance:
takes you to the front page;
enter: page 91 (of 94) to get to the comic

(Looks like that particular installment was later redone for the Four Color one-shot's inside front cover)


Searching said...
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