Monday, February 21, 2011

Brother, Oh Brother

Monday Cartoon Day.

One of the first cartoon pockets I had was an oversized pocket of Brother Junier cartoons. I liked these a lot and was struck by the likeness of this style to that of Hank Ketcham (which I knew about, although I didn't have any pockets of those). After that I never seemed to run into this charming little panel anymore. Only when I started vsiting and clipping scans from NewspaperArchive, I found it ran from the late fifties tot the late eighties, more than thirty years in fact. There is not much information about this strip and it's creator online, but I can at least recommend this excellent write-up about the origin of the strips and it's creator:

The samples I am showing here are from december 1962.


David R said...

Could you get away with a comic strip about a monk today? Seems like it might ruffle a few feathers, or at least be consigned to some Catholic newspaper. Times have changed for sure.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Around that time the same question was answered with the reply that Aby the Agent was just as obviously jewish. I guess that argument won't fly anymore either. So that means my Li'l Mohammed project is doomed to fail?