Friday, March 25, 2011

Not To Be Ziffed At

Fridy Comic Book Day.

As promised I am back with some more Ziff-Davis goodness. This neglected company emplyed some of the best talent and obviously paid them a lot to do their best work. Today we have Dan DeCarlo's Yardbirds, George Tuska, Bob Powell, George Roussos, Frank Giacioa and one story I can't make out, but it could be Giacioa... ending with a three story run of Alex Kotzky on a little know strip called Flyboy. Later in the fifties, Kotzky was know as one of the best ghost artists before starting his own newspaper strip in the early sixties. In the forties he had worked with Lou Fine and Jack Cole, doing flawless imitations of their styles, but here he seems to be influenced by none other than Alex Toth - and fantasticly so. There is a second issue of Flyboy as well, but I thought I'd stop here at three stories...

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Daniel [] said...

When I think of Hedy Lamarr, I think first of her astonishing beauty, but then of her cleverness she was the inventor or co-inventor of more than one interesting weapons control device.