Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Science Faction

Wednesday Special Features Day.

After Showing the odd New! feature by Gene Fawcette this week, I went back to find more of his Our New Age feature. Or at least, the feature was written by famous astronomist Athelstan Spilhaus and drawn by Fawcette from 1962 to at least 1971, well into the run of New! I also found evidence of a daily version of Our New Age drwn by Fawcette, although I have not yet found when that appeared precisely. While I am still gathering those clips, I will share another similar feature I wanted to use against Our New Age. Around the first time Our New Age appeared, there also was a daily feature called Our Space Age, written by famous comics and science fiction writer Otto Binder. The name of the first artist escapes me, but later on it was taken over by carl Pfeufer, who has his own history with comics. Pfeufer was one of the most important first replacement artists of Timely's The Submariner and drew The Bantam Prince, the third incarnation of an adventure comic strip in the late forties and early fifties. It is one of those strips I have a lot of clips from, but no complete continuity yet, so I am waiting to cellect that before presenting it to you. Anyway, here Pfeufer has his own Wikipedia page, which makes for interesting reading. It mentions that he worked on Our Space Age from 1960 to 1969, so maybe he was the first artist on it after all. Anyway, here are some of those exciting science fictional science facts.

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