Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Kid's Stuff

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

One of the most appreciated strips in Boy's Life was Dik Browne's Tracy Twins. The strip appeared somewhere in 1953 and seems to have been based on Browne's succesful advertising series The Trouble Twins. In an earlier post, I showed you the first few years of this strip. If you follow the tag, you can (re)visit this post. Today, I put the spotlight to the later years of the strip, starting from 1960. I hope at some point to be able to conclude the run by clipping the middle years.

I have always been intrigued by the question how much Gill Fox and Dik Browne worked togethr on these and other strips. I believe Gill Fox has mentioned working on the Tracy Twins, but he didn't specify the period. As far as I can see, he did the strips for february, april, june, august and october 1961 and probably some in 1960 as well. It seems to be Browne and Fox didn't worked together on those strips, but alternated. The stiff male figures are a giveaway for Fox's style. The woolliness of the extras and anything in the background look like pure Browne to me. In late 1961 Fox took over the daily panel Side Glances, so it isn't unimaginable the collaboration ended there.


cartoonretro said...

He really did draw beautifully. Thanks for sharing these.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Of course, the last one (from 1975) is by a new artist.