Friday, October 28, 2011

A Small Super Package

Friday Comic Book Day.

I am not really a Superman fan and the comics of the forties usually leave me cold, but a whole unpublished Superman story for sale on Heritage is just to much for me to resist. Read it here and tell me why this was scrapped...


jhegenbe said...

My guess would be that they had a cartoon planned based on the same concept, so they put this story on hold. Then, the carton got scrapped because someone said "They won't be a ble to see Superman on screen when he's so little". And they never went back to publish the original comic story. How's that for an "Untold Tale"?

Daniel [] said...

If a ship were suddenly shrunk while in the water, there'd be the issue of the volume previously occupied by the ship below the water line. One way or the other, I don't really see the sailors surviving.

In any case, there are a good number of rather nice touches to this story.