Friday, December 09, 2011

Lady of the Air

Thursday Late Story Strip Day.

Mary Marvel and Fawcett artist Marc Swayze has been writing a column of memories in the Fwcett Collector pages in Alter Ego for a long long time. Lately PC Hamerlinck, the editor of that section, has been running old pieces, since Mr. Swayze is quite old (nearing 100 years now) and not always up to digging up new stuff. He has recently nterviewed him about his short foray into the world of newspaper comics when he first ghosted and then took over Flying Jenny in the early forties. This was only for a short period, but at the time it might have seemed a bit longer. In hindsight one and a half years on a strip doesn't seem that long, but when you are doing it, it may feel as if you have started a whole new life. Anyway, not much has been seen of this run of the long running flying strip. Most comic hstories and articles illustrate the strip with samples of it's original artist Russell Keaton. I have shown a shorter run of this strip before and have included this in this megapost collecting all of my pretty poor newspaper fiche scans. I have one actual full color scan I made myself, so you can see what the real thing must have looked like.

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