Monday, January 30, 2012

Gag Masters

Monday Cartoon Day.

Virgil Partch and Hank Ketcham weren't the only cartoonists who started out in animation. Carl Barks was another famous example of someone who was capable of switchint between pitching cartoons and ideas for storyboards. Other we find in the forties were Dick Shaw (who worked with Partch on the Duck cartoons and remaned a lifelong friend), T. Hee (who most famusly diected the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia), Roy Williams (co-writer of Dumbo among his many accomplishments) and John Sibley (who animated Goofy in the forties and fifties). Most interesting find for me is an early cartoon of Gene Hazelton, whose ideas and style would have such an impact on Hanna-Barbara later on.

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