Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crabbie Cabbie

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Maybe it's me, but I see more or Jerry Robinson's faces in this one.

Note for Mort Meskin biographer Steven Brower: I am using your Meskin list called checklist final, which doe not have this story as well as the one after that. I guess and hope you do have it in your most recent list?


Steven Brower said...

Hi Ger,

Let me know the issue numbers and I'll add them to the checklist and post them on the Yahoo group. Also, I'll send the checklist (it's free) to anyone who requests it via email. You can write me at:

I agree, Robinson tends to show up in the faces more than anywhere else.

Ironically this splash was in the bio, not sure how I missed it.

Steven Brower said...

I see there is a typo in my email address: