Sunday, April 08, 2012

Double Helping

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Next up in my continued examination of the Mort Meskin/Jerry Robinsn collaboration is a story from the March 1949 issue of Exciting Comics. It is one of the better known and more often reprinted stories,and justly so. It is fun breezy and dazzling.

Looing up this material I saw I skipped an earlier story from Exciting Comics #64, partly because it is one of those that are not mentioned in the checklist I am using (by Mort Meskin biographer Steven Brower). I did know the story, sice it has been reprinted in Golde Age Greats #11 (which is also not in Steven's list, by the way). And I almost took that out and scanned it in, even though it is in black and white - since this is one of the few stories I have that are not in a great scan quality. This seems to be one of those early micro-fiche scans going around. But I am sure it will be replaced by a better scan one of these days - even if I have to provide it myself.

And I promised to replace it when I found one, so here it is, years later:

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