Friday, June 01, 2012

Inky Dinky Do

Friday Comic Book Day.

Remember the size problems I had this week. It seems that goggle has changed the system blogger was using to give it's users storage. Last time I looked I was using 21% of my storage room. Today, I was downgraded to the 'free' system and it appered I was using 450% of my allotted room. Well, I reuppe and should be save by now. But I am curious how this could have happened without some sort of notice.

Todays post is a George Roussos story from the early fifties. This is Roussos in his dark inky style, nt my favorite. But it is well drawn and not his worst. I offer it as a sample of this kind of work for those who think he inked much of Mort Mekin's work at that time. If he did, he seriously reigned himself in...

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