Sunday, July 01, 2012

Just The Facts

Sunday Meskin Measures.

Datewise, this is one of Mort Meskin's first credits after his and Jerry Robinson's work for Standard stopped. Considering the long lead time DC had on it's books, I am not sure if this fits before or after Meskin's 'off' period. It had been a year before this, that he worked for DC and that itself must have been some time after his nervous breakdown. So for this to have been done earlier, it must have been in inventory for a long time. Still, this is nog unheard of for DC and if not, this single collaboration with George Roussos for DC must have fallen right in the middel of his work with Robinson. My guess is, if you look at Roussos' ork at Gang Busters (which began in the early iessues and ran until #8, before skippng to this issue), I'd say t would fit in very well with Roussos taking over The Vigilante. Anyway, that's all speculation and it mustn't stand in the way of two more great stories - one by Meskin and Roussos and an earlier one by Roussos on his own.

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Steven Brower said...

This is certainly a strange story, art wise. Other than the splash page I'm finding very little Meskin throughout and suspect it's mostly Roussos. Some of it looks like Mort may have done loose pencils, sometimes not. Rather than take up space here I will break it down in more detail in the Yahoo Group.