Friday, April 26, 2013

Eye Be Poppin' You

Friday Comic Book Day.

A couple of months ago I showed some Popeye pages. Belgian comic artist Tom Bouden contacted me. He wanted to try and make a proposal for IDW to see if he could draw their new Popeye series. He had a couple of story ideas and I suggested taking one and doing it as a seven page back-up story. IDW was using different artists for these back-ups and although most of them were written by Roger Langridge (whom I follow and admire for all of his work) we sort of hoped that even he wouldn't do this forever. Turns out it was the series itself that didn't live forever. When we had finished enough of the story to present it, the book had been cancelled. Recently Tom reminded me that I wanted to show the results here as well. Since Popeye is copyright free in Europe (although not in the US) I think we are alright on that front as well.

So here is our little story. We worked on it 'Marvel style', with me doing the story synopsis based on Tom's outline, Tom doing the art and me doing the dialogue. Tom has also done a lovely little four page Swee-pea story on his own, which I will share as soon as I have checked with Tom if that's alright.

NB: I had the pencilled verson up here, but I didn't know I had the inked version al along!
NB2: For those of you coming here from The Comic Journal, I just put up another, even weirder story.


Angeline said...

Too bad it didn't go anywhere... But who knows, perhaps (as indeed it's copyright free) some Dutch publisher sees room for a Popeye magazine?

Speaking of copyright, this Dutch version of Popeye must have been in flagrant violation, but it's very intriguing nonetheless:


Doccomix said...

Terrific little story, Ger. It's a shame it won't see print. But at least your readers get to enjoy it!

Michael T. Gilbert

Rich Clabaugh said...

THANKS SO MUCH for sharing Ger, I would have loved to have it in print! I was really surprised when I read the POPEYE series was ending, I though it was great! I asked Mr.Landridge about it and he said the sales numbers were strong at first but soon dwindled. A shame.

Rich Clabaugh said...

Thanks for the inked version! LOVE that Alley Oop cameos!