Monday, July 22, 2013

Foster's Child

Monday Cartoon Day.

Here's a bit of an oddity. This cartoon series ran in Collier's for quite a few years. I believe the earliest ones I have here is from 1945. In 1944 there also was a book collection called Alfred Ahoy! But here is where it gets weird. In 1949 the cartoons stop and a newspaper version of the domesticated version of this strip appears. But... although the art is similar, now the artist is called Carl Ryman. The strip has a healthy run until 1954 (according to Alan Holtz, who features it on his blog in 2006: Neither Humfreville nor Ryman apparanetly ever did anything else.


Angeline B. Adams said...

Is it me, or does Alfred bear a striking resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock?...


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yep, I didn't mention that because Alan Holtz goes on quite bit about it. Alfred was clearly based on Hitchcock, who I believe had come to te US in the early forties (or even earlier). So I don't think a resemblance like that, when he was already a public figure (though not as famous as he later would become), could be accidental. Still, they did nothing with it..;