Thursday, April 24, 2014


Friday Comic Book Day.

Now that more and more Timely comis are becoming available (illegally) online and Matvel itself has in fact stopped their regular reprint activities, I should go and see if I can get a complete online version of Harvey Kurtzman's Hey Look. The funniest one page series of it's time (although some might say Jack Cole comes a long way as well) and certainly on eof the stylistcly most influential ones. Kurtzman may have influenced a lot of people as the writer and driving force behind the early Mad, but the gags he drew befoe that on his own have always fascinated cartoonists around the world and I know many who have tried to imitate him when the rediscoverd them (when Denis Kitchen published a complete reprint of all strips in black and white). Still, there has never been a colo reprint, one of the problems being that the gags originally appeared in all sorts of books, some of them quite expensive and it must be hard to get a full collection to use.

So here are a couple to whet your appetites.

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