Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pre Mole

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have been slowly scanning all of my pretty large collection Sunday Jacky's Diary strips by Jack Mendelsohn. This delightful and funny strip from the late fifties and early sixties is a prime example of what I love about the comedy and newspaper strips of that period. It is intelligent, welldrawn and satirical in the oldfashioned sense of the word - pointing out negatives and discrepensies in the world around us without tearing it down. Today we often sperate the negative and the positive, but these guys knew how to combine it.

Anyway, I shouldn't have bothered, because Craig Yoe prouced a beautiful reprinting of all the Sunday strips with the help of Mr. Mendelsohn, who is still with us and runs a very informative website about his career. As usual, Craig has added an opening article that tells you all you need to know about Jack Mendelsohn and his career and I highly recommend it, as I do all of Craigs books. You can buy it at Amazon for under $30.

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Diego Cordoba said...

The "well drawn" must've been slightly ironic, eh? Anyway, I love this strip!!!!

Concerning the Yoe book which uses the original color proofs, the only problem is that Mendelsohn must have folded them in half for storing, and all throughout the book you can see a crease in the middle of each Sunday strip, which could've been cleaned up with a little patience… or maybe I'm the only one to see it (heh)!

Anyway the book is highly recommended! I believe this strip to be the funniest "kid" strip ever along with Gahan Wilson's Nuts, which wasn't really a newspaper strip (it appeared in the Nat Lamp).