Saturday, May 07, 2016

Page Laundering

Sunday Meskin Andru Measures.

Having come to Young Brides V3 No.1 (#19) I can't resist showing you a rare Prize story by Ross Andru and Martin Rosenthall (signing Thall). There is no Mort Meskin story in this, probably because it seems to have some leftover material from other books. The Andru story probably comes from some sort of leftover from one of the romance comics of Andru and Esposito's MikeRoss company. Martin Rosenthall worked as an inker for them and in one interview even said he co-financed them at the end. In the same issue is a story thst seems to be by Vic Donohue, so that could be a leftover from Simon and Kirby's Mainline, I guess. The scans are from the Digital Comics Museum, but this is one I provided them myself.

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