Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Unpure Madness

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Busy week for me. We are finishing up the work on my book for Craug Yoe and IDW, Bejaving Madly. It tells the story of all the Mad magazine imitation sof the late fifties and the wonderfully talented people who worked for it. Because we couldn't make it a 600 page book, we had to make some choices and decided to concentrate on a couple of big names, who worked in these knock-offs. You'll see a lot of material of Russ Hath, Jack Davis and Bill Elder and all we could find of Al Jaffee. To round it off you'll have the best of the best, carefully selected to give an overview of the field and the many artists who worked in it. From Jack Davis to John Severin and from Joe Kubert to Syd Shores. With a little bit of everybody who was anybody thrown in. Allthough all titles are discussed, we had to leave out samples from Cracked and Sick, which will get (and deserve) their own books and have only incidental samples from the Snafu from Timely/Atlas, which morphed into the Marvel/Disney conglomerate. I will be opening a Facebook page named Behaving Madly solely devoted to the whole field, where I will share everything that had to be left out the book and more. Stuff like this... two original pages by two Mad imitation greats, Russ Heath and Joe Maneely. The first comes from Heath's parody of The Blackboard Jungle for Snafu (which you can compare to Art Gates' parody of the same movie in my book). The second is from the small stash of pages done by Joe Maneely for Cracked, just before he died.

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