Sunday, August 06, 2017

Young Jack

Monday Cartoon Day.

Gags magazine is one of the best magazines to get if you are interested in the mid-range cartoonists like Mort Walker, Hank Ketcham, Henry Boltinoff and all the others I have ben showing here regularely. In the late forties, they changed their size from broadsheet to normal magazine size. After that they became more interesting for me, with the arrival of Mort Walker in 1948. I never saw any of the later broadsheet issues from early 1948, but when I came across these two on Ebay I immediately sat up. The second one of these had one of the earliest Jack Davis cartoons I have ever seen. This was done when he was just starting out, even before he started inking Mike Roy on The Saint in 1949. After that he went on to EC and it wasn't until later in the fifties that he began selling cartoons to Playboy. The first one he did there might seem familiar.

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