Friday, February 09, 2018

The Rise And Fall Of A Tremendous Empire

Friday Comic Book Day.

I am working on a new book for the Dutch audience, a history of the Dutch comics weekly Eppo, which ran (under various titles) from 1975 to 1999. Like the famous French-Belgian magazines Spirou, Tintin and Pilote, it mostly ran short installments of various serialized series which were later collected in 44 page albums. De Jaren Eppo is a continuation of De Jaren Pep, a similar book I wrote three years ago about Eppo's predecessor Pep. That was well received and I am hoping for a similar (and possibly better) reaction.

For the book I am deep into all sorts of European strips, most of which I can't share because of the language barrier. But here is one that ran in Eppo (and in Sjors before that, for those of you keeping track) which you can read; the famous british series about the Trigan Empire, illustrated by none other than Don Lawrence. He left Trigan because he was asked to work on a similar but less kryptofascistic strip called Storm for Eppo.

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