Thursday, May 03, 2018

Starting Up Is Hard To Do

Thursday Confession Day.

Many times I tried to get the blog going again. After many months of intensive scanning for a new book I am doing here in Holland (and some other distractions) I finally have time again to clean up my many scans for this blog. But knowing that the pressure will be on as soon as I start up again, I keep putting it off.

So I have decided to start doing this weekly first. Lower the pressure. The posts will be phenomenal. Without the daily grind I have been able to collect the rarest and most impressive of my scans. Starting next Saturday you will be seeing new posts every week. I hope you will come by and enjoy.

For today, I have an oddity. A promotional piece by Milt Caniff for the Newspaper industry I have never seen before. I did see two similar pieces from the same period, by Virgil Partch and Mell Lazerus. I don't know if this was a paid promotion, or if some cartoonists got togetehr and decided to do this. But it sure is well done. I wonder if there are more.


comicstripfan said...

Thanks, Ger, the strips posted are very "apropos" since May 3rd is known (as you probably know) as "World Press Freedom Day."

blog van michel said...
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