Saturday, October 12, 2019

Completely Bonkers

Sunday Deja Funday.

On Sunday you will see more of strips, cartoons and artists I have shown before. I am constantly surprised how many of my earlier posts are unknown or forgotten.Adding new strips to that roster is my way of getting you to look back at some posts of the past. Idealy I gather them myself and ad then here, but that is usually a time consuming proces.

So here are more samples of Virgil Partch's sixties and seventies Sunday version of his daily cartoon series Oh, George. Virgil Partch (better kown as VIP) had a terrific sense of humor and a unique drawing style that shook a lot of cartoonists out of their comfort zone. B.C.'s Johnny Hart stated in his intreview in Hogan's Alley that he got the confidence to develope his own style, when he saw how far off the beaten path artch dared to go. Unfortunately Oh, George, coming later in his life and career, seems like a sort of dumbed down and normalized version of that style and humor. But it still is a remarkable strip - if maybe a bit mysogynistic for these days (and even back then). It is supposed to help that George himself does not come off too good either.

I have started collecting all my color Sunday for 1960 and 1961 and although I am not done yet, I will finish it here.

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