Sunday, October 11, 2020

Hot To Trot

Sunday Serial Day. I have had this long run of Hopalong Cassidy dalies in my blogfolder. Magnificently drawn by newscomer Dan Spiegle, Hopalong Cassidy was one of the best 'famous cowboy' strips around. The main reason it seems forgotten is the fact that it was never reprinted. I have many scans, some from microfiche newspaper sources (like hese) and some from my own scans. But it is hard to show them unless I have a complete story (which I rarely have).


Stefan said...

Nice. With this, Buffalo Bill, Laredo Crockett, Cisco Kid and others, the 50s had an explosion of great western strips.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

One of my favorites (besides this one and Bat Masterson) is Gene Autry. Very uneven, with severak artists following each other. But the middle one (I have been told it was HY Mankin) is pretty good.