Friday, January 21, 2022

Don't Pin Me Down

Saturday Leftover Day. 

Looking around for some stuff, I came across a series of ads that were signed by an artist I did not know. It took me a while to realize the signature said Pineo, which means this series was by Craig Pineo, an artist I wrote about before. He was the artist of the unsold adventure strip Finn Fathom, for which I had bought a syndication package on Ebay. The folded high quality folder contained several Sunday episodes of the proposed strip and even a bio of the writer and the artist. I had never heard of Pineo and did not find if he had ever done any work in comics or comic strips, but the bio did mention that he had done some advertising work (over 50 episodes). These strips are roughly in the same realistic style. I clipped all that I could find. They all appeared in 1951 and even if there were a lot more, they cannot represent all the strips Pineo did in this format. So the search goes on (I have already found two candidates, one based on a similar style and one on a similar but less legible signature). I talked about this with my friend Bas Schuddeboom of the Lambiek Comiclopedia and he used my information to punch up the Pineo entry in that unmissable website - and surprised me by finding out more about Pineo than I ever thought possible. You can see the Lambiek entry here: and the Finn Fathom folder if you follow the link. I also looked to see if I might have had one of the Purex ads in my leftover uncleaned stack of scsans and indeed: there was a new one, dated februari 1952. A late usage or were there more than I initially thought?


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