Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Second Chance For Jordan

Saturday Leftover Day. 

After sharing the two weeks Jerry Robinson did on the early forties newspaper strip Vic Jordan before Bernard Baily took over for the last run, I went to my micro-fiche souce and started getting all of this unjustly forgotten strip from the start. I have already shared some of thosee in earlier posts (in 2014) from the original source (PM Newspaper) but this run is more complete (certainly on the Sundays). I only missed the first three dailies, so I took those from the earlier one. I also have a run of Wexler Sundays, but I could not find them online. So I went upstairs and you know what? I have all of the Wexler Sunday scannen but nit yet cleaned! So as soon as this impossible heatwave has gone away I will clean them and add them to this poost and the next. In the meantime I will continue clipping the micro-fiche dailies and Sundays, at least until the end of Wexler's run around May) and probablyn into the run of the second artist, Paul Norris (some of which I have shared earlier as well).

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