Sunday, April 16, 2023

I Have Not Stopped

I have been getting questions from people wondering if I have stopped doing The Fabulous Fifties completely. Well, that certainly is not my intention. I do have a lot going on, but I also have many more strips and scans to share that await cleaning or clipping. And when I return, I want to it to on a regular base again. But that make me postpone the starting date every time. So keep checking, it might be soon. In the meantime, here is the next Al Williamson istallment I have ready. And it's a doozy. I can't find a signature, so it may not be a solo job. But look at that inking! It has all the 'innovations' that Williamson brought to John Romita's work when he inked him later in his life. 


rnigma said...

Glad you're still updating, Ger; I understand that life can often get in the way of blog-keeping. I wonder if Pappy (of Pappy's Golden Age Comics blog) is still alive - he hasn't updated in more than a year.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I am still very much alive... and I still have to work for a living. Not that I would stop working when I get my pension. I just curated a original comic art show for the Dutch Museum of Comic Art in Noordwijk and I am editing a new 96 page Dutch comics anthology, while writing a movie (paid) and continuing my two weekly news pages for the Dutch magazine Eppo. But I have plenty of scans still to clean or even ready to go.

Neil A. Hansen said...

Cool post. I never knew Pappy was so accomplished. Bravo,